Altitude Training Studio

Take your training where other athletes can’t. Leverage your body’s natural response from altitude training to push beyond your limits.

Elevate your training

The Traverse Altitude Training Studio is a 1,100 sq. ft. enclosed exercise studio where we deliver highly controlled, 100% sterile air that is either low-oxygen (hypoxic) or high-oxygen (hyperoxic). Once inside, the simulated altitude triggers a range of physiological adaptations, invigorating the body’s systems to perform at higher standards. 

Low Altitude training

The body utilizes supplemental oxygen to actively improve cardiovascular performance and enhance physical output. Essentially, you can work out harder for a longer period of time.

High Altitude training

Reduction in available oxygen during exercise. The decrease in oxygen is a healthy stress for the human body that leads to physiological adaptations associated with an improvement in endurance, strength and overall athletic performance

Training... with benefits

  • When exercising at altitude, the muscle fibers respond with an increase in efficiency, size, and capillarization compared to training at normal altitudes.

  • Altitude training stimulates the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which increases transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

  • With prolonged exposure to high altitudes, muscles also develop improved buffering capacity meaning they are able to become more equipped to handle changes in an acid-base balance associated with intense exercise. 

Altitude Studio

Elevation schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
High Altitude
Sea Level
High Altitude
Sea Level
High Altitude
High Altitude (+)
5,280 ft.

*Altitude Studio is available for Day Pass or Expedition Members only*

Altitude training your way

The Altitude Studio is utilized for 1-1 Training, Small Group Training, Group Classes and self directed open gym sessions

Altitude Studio Compressor

Powerful | Clean

The Kaeser and Hypoxico equipment, along with 12 highly tuned air filters, combine to create a 100% sterile training environment.

Sea level – 20,000ft

Custom designed programming takes advantage of simulated elevations ranging from Sea Level all the way up to 20,000 ft.

Benefits from hypoxico

By utilizing benchmark testing and a science-based training approach, our members can optimize their training to accelerate past their goals (and the competition).


Full Range of motion

In addition to the Technogym SkillRun Treads and Keiser Functional Training Machines, the Altitude Studio also offers:

  • Technogym SkillBikes
  • Olympic Power Squat Racks
  • Free weights
  • Boxes, bands, and more

50 minutes of high-intensity exercises to gain strength and build your engine.

Relieve Stress.  Reduce Pain.  Prevent Injury.  Rebuild to do more.

A motivating workspace to work remotely or for creative collaboration.

Try the Traverse workout