Altitude Training Studio

Take your training where other athletes can’t. Leverage your body’s natural response from both low and high-altitude training classes to push beyond your limits.

Elevate your training

Our Altitude Studio in Denver, Colorado creates a training environment that, until recently, was only available to professional athletes. This oxygen-rich, or oxygen-reduced, environment triggers a range of positive physiological adaptations that invigorates your body’s systems to perform at higher standards.

Low Altitude training

The body utilizes supplemental oxygen to actively improve cardiovascular performance and enhance physical output. Essentially, you can work out harder for a longer period of time.

High Altitude training

Exposure to low oxygen air forces the body to adapt by making more effective use of oxygen, which results in greater oxygen delivery to the muscles, tissues, and brain. This translates to better physical performance and accelerated recovery.

High Performance

Train like the pros

Until recently, Altitude Training has been a tool only available to professional athletes – The Traverse Altitude Studio has removed that barrier. Now you can build your endurance and maximize your training sessions to shave the valuable seconds off of your race time and increase your potential output.

Maximizing your potential

Anaerobic Threshold

Develop your anaerobic threshold so you can maintain a higher output without increased fatigue.

Optimized Oxygen Delivery

Improve your body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and tissues, increasing your exertion time and overall output.

Build Back Faster

Recover faster by stimulating the lactate clearance and reducing the onset of fatigue.

Group Altitude Classes

Performance is in all of us

Altitude Training Classes keep the energy high. With other members by your side, you’ll find camaraderie in the effort while benefiting from the individualized attention of a personal training session.

Denver Altitude Training Studio

Elevation schedule

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*Altitude Studio is available for Day Pass or Expedition Members only*

Private & Small Group Training

Together, we make your goals happen

Build strength, lose weight, rehabilitate, or sport specific improvement; whatever your goals are, this is how you maximize your efforts. Our custom-tailored programming combined with our state-of-the-art Altitude Studio optimize your results and give you the performance edge you’re looking for.


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Personal Training

Fully customized training programs, a top-tier coaching team, and the physiological advantage of Altitude. These ingredients combine to give you all the tools to optimize your results with the most effective use of your time.

Training... with benefits

  • When exercising at altitude, the muscle fibers respond with an increase in efficiency, size, and capillarization compared to training at normal altitudes.

  • Altitude training stimulates the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which increases transportation of oxygen throughout the body.

  • With prolonged exposure to high altitudes, muscles also develop improved buffering capacity meaning they are able to become more equipped to handle changes in an acid-base balance associated with intense exercise. 

60 minutes of high-intensity exercises to gain strength and build your engine.

Relieve Stress.  Reduce Pain.  Prevent Injury.  Rebuild to do more.

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