Traverse Studio Schedules

At Traverse, we pride ourselves in pushing boundaries and raising the bar higher for all our members. Our dynamic range of classes and studios are designed to cater to every fitness need.


The Traverse Group HIIT workout

If you’re someone who craves a little extra adrenaline rush, our 60-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session is the perfect fit for you. During this sweat evoking class you will be max out your heart rate and build your engine in this high intensity setting. We also pride ourselves on a no more rinse and repeat mentality. We offer new daily classes to keep your fit life fresh.

Altitude STUDIO

Traverse Altitude Training

On the other side of the Club, for those looking to conquer their own personal Everest, we present a one-of-a-kind altitude training program. Whether you’re stepping into the studio set at sea level or climbing up to18,000 feet, this oxygen-rich, or oxygen-reduced, environment triggers a range of positive physiological adaptations that invigorates your body’s systems to perform at higher standards. If you’re training for a mountain expedition, looking to gain a competitive edge, or simply looking to supercharge your workouts, the Altitude Studio will help you achieve your peak performance.

Designed to fit your schedule

Regardless of your fitness goals, our schedule is tailored to fit your schedule. Weekdays start at 5:15 AM for those early birds who like to jump-start their mornings. For those who like to get a weekend sweat in before heading out to brunch, our Saturday and Sunday schedule boasts of 7+ classes, providing plenty of opportunity for that much-needed endorphin rush.

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