HIIT | High Intensity Interval Training Classes

Max Out Your Heart Rate and Build Your Engine In This High Intensity Group Fitness Setting

Feel the burn

The foundation of the Traverse HIIT class workout experience is constructed from two pieces of equipment, the Technogym SkillRun treadmill and the Keiser Functional Trainer.

The treads will elevate your heart rate and build cardio, while the Keiser develops strength and speed. An hour will fly by as you sprint, push, and pull your way through an intense, fat burning, full body workout.


The Experience

  • Find your edge

    The Technogym SkillRun and Keiser Functinoal Trainer gives your effort the edge it deserves.

  • Hustle for the Drop

    Hand picked playlists motivate and reveal hustle you didn’t know you had.

  • New Day New Class

    No more rinse and repeat. New daily classes keep your fit life fresh.

  • Traverse Together

    Find motivation to push harder with new friends and fellow members.

  • Helping Hands

    We demo every movement, every workout, every time. Have a question? Ask away. Coaching is what we do.

The tech


Supreme running performance

Skillrun shatters all expectations of what a treadmill can be. This is the first piece of running equipment designed to meet the training requirements of high-level athletes and demanding fitness enthusiasts.

Keiser Exercise cable machine


functional trainer

Through pneumatic pressure, fully articulating arms, and a variety of attachments, the Keiser Functional Trainer builds real world strength at real world speeds.

Private and Small Group Training in elevations from Sea Level to 20,000 feet

Relieve Stress.  Reduce Pain.  Prevent Injury.  Rebuild to do more.

A motivating workspace to work remotely or for creative collaboration.

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