the Traverse TEam

Meet the Trainers that will elevate your heart rate and bring the energy to maximize your workout

Kris Peters

Head Coach

Experience ranging from high-performance athletes to someone just starting on their fitness journey, Kris’ passion is to empower.

Billy Lagreca

Head Coach

A college athlete and 12-time ironman, Billy’s experience competing and training at the professional level is possible through setting and reaching individual goals

Catie Baldwin


Born to a life of Texas sports and fitness, Catie’s specialty is helping you move with intention, identify your comfort zone, and push beyond it.

Genevieve Henderson


Gen is here to help you become the best version of yourself. She will push you to your limits whilst ensuring you enjoy the journey.

Maggie Hamilton


Don’t let her fool you. Maggie’s passion for fitness resides in her desire to help others surpass their self inflicted limitations and does it with a smile.

Rob Howard


Rob’s passion for fitness comes from intense endurance training and 6 years of competitive power lifting resulting in a realistic and functional approach to training.

Jeff Tissue


A competitive long distance runner and teacher, Jeff is an advocate for finding new challenges and inspiring personal growth.

Michelle Fahlbusch


With a passion for helping people feel their best, Michelle believes that the ability to move our bodies and push our limits are privileges worth celebrating!

JC Clough


JC’s breadth of experience as a collegiate runner and coach of HIIT, boxing, and strength conditioning means you and your goals just got fast-tracked.

50 minutes of high-intensity exercises to gain strength and build your engine.

Private and Small Group Training in elevations from Sea Level to 20,000 feet

Relieve Stress.  Reduce Pain.  Prevent Injury.  Rebuild to do more.

A motivating workspace to work remotely or for creative collaboration.