Event Series Playbook Seasons

Season 1: Foundations

Traverse South Broadway

Establishing your baseline by going back to the fundamentals. Developing proper body awareness and athleticism is absolutely essential in order to perform optimally and stay healthy throughout the year.

Season 2: Strength

Traverse South Broadway

Develop strength by exploring the relationship between volume and load. Enter the hypertrophy phase. Target increased muscle mass, joint protection, and mind-muscle connection. Our programming will be geared around building strength that is used for everything, from a new deadlift PR to life’s simplest tasks.

Season 3: Endurance

Traverse South Broadway

Train harder and sustain performance. Improve your aerobic and mental capacity. Programming for Season 3 is all about sustaining activity for an extended period of time as the body learns to transport oxygen more efficiently. Do more of what you love without feeling fatigued.