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Whether you’re a Founding Member or hearing the Traverse name for the first time, we have some exciting news to share.

Existing Studios and Amenities

So, Here's the deal

ALL of these amenities (plus your HIIT, Altitude, cowork, community, and recovery tool access) come with the Expedition Membership at only $209 a month if you sign up prior to July 15th.

This offer will expire by 11:59 pm on July 14th. Hit the button below and send us an email to to claim your intro offer or upgrade before prices go up.

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A WorldClass performance training facility

The Strength Studio

In the new Strength Studio, we will focus on building both practical and performance-based strength. This elite training environment is equipped with an array of barbell racks, resistance cable towers, 600 sq ft of performance turf, Echo bikes, freeweights, and more.

Combine this equipment with Denver’s most refined strength-focused programming and this studio becomes the catalyst for you and your 23 classmates to build muscle and achieve tangible gains.

Premium Equipment

Enjoy Rogue power racks complete with lever arms, Keiser cable-resistance training towers, 600 sq ft of performance turf, assault bikes, free weights, and additional accessory equipment.

Strength Programming

Workouts in this studio are designed to build strength and power while still recruiting both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Performance Atmostphere

Reminiscent of a Division 1 training facility, the Strength Studio features abundant light, high ceilings, and plenty of equipment to go around. In this studio, there is a competitive spirit that amplifies your lifts and athletic movements.

Optimize your effort. maximize your performance.

Traverse Private Training

Accelerate your progress with Traverse Private Training. Whether it’s a solo, partner, or small group workout, our elite Coaching Team is equipped with the education and experience needed to help you chart your goals and pursue your definition of success.

Solo, Partner, or Squad

Whether you prefer the dedicated attention of working solo, the camaraderie of working with a partner, or the energetic vibe from working in a small group, Traverse Private Training can accommodate the way you work best.

Our Coaches

Equipped with advanced education and an extensive resume in fitness and training, our Coaches are prepared to help you identify your specific goals and chart an individualized path to success.

The studio

On July 15th, we are thrilled to introduce a new dedicated Private Training Studio equipped with all the tools necessary to  unlock your potential.  Utilize a full suite of strength equipment, power racks, cable machines, and more.

Luxury Sauna for up to 15

ThermoTherapy - Sauna

The custom built Traverse sauna is designed to accommodate up to 15 people at once. With a premium dark wood finish and ample room to relax, this experience is excellent for both a group or the individual.

Breathwork classes

The Traverse ThermoTherapy experience will offer classes designed around breathwork and meditation. Learn both up-regulation and down-regulation techniques.

Custom Design

A premium materials and a spacious design allow the group or individual ample room to spread out and relax.

Get hot to cool off

Take advantage of the sauna combined with our new Odin Cold Plunges and enclosed patio for a full ThermoTherapy experience.

2 Odin Pro Cold Plunges

ThermoTherapy - Cold Plunge

Embrace the centuries old practice of cold plunging, working in tandem with our sauna and relaxation patio, for the ultimate Thermo-Therapy experience in Denver.

Odin TEchnology

Crafted from western red cedar wood, the Odin Cold Plunge is capable of reaching 32 degree (F). The cold plunge is also equipped with an ozone generator and pleated sediment filter which completely sanitizes the water between every use.


Effective use of a cold plunge has a wide range of mental and physiological benefits. From reduced inflammation, to accelerated recovery, to improved mood, cold plunge can be an essential tool in optimized health.

Amenities to simplify your schedule

Showers & Changing Rooms

Fitting your workout into an already-busy day just got a little bit easier with the addition of 4 showers, 4 changing rooms, 2 dedicated bathrooms, and a 12 ft makeup counter + 2 sinks.

Four Showers

Jump in class or a ThermoTherapy session without worry of being sweaty for the rest of the day. Utilize one of our four new showers and take on your schedule with confidence.

Four Changing rooms

We have separated out four new changing rooms for the quick pre or post-class change.

dedicated bathrooms

In addition to the new showers and new changing rooms, we are adding two new bathrooms to avoid overlap and keep traffic moving.